Intermediate Music Production

If you’re serious about taking your production skills and knowledge to the next level then this course will provide you with the essential skills needed to get you where you want to be. We visited the most relevant local Colleges and Universities offering music courses and constructed a special module based on what we felt is current and necessary for music production and composition. You will learn from Mentors and Teachers who are respected artists and producers in their own right, with worldwide releases on major Recording Labels, as well as recipients of international accolades. We will share insights on how to open up new revenue streams as a freelancer from our Industry Day workshop, featuring Industry Leaders and Artists as your key speakers. This is much more than a music production course, providing valuable industry insight and connections.



  • Ableton Daw Workflow
  • Working With Midi & Audio
  • Working With VST’s Sampling Audio
  • Modulation & FX (Pt 1)


  • Track Creation x 1
  • Sequencing & Arranging
  • Writing Chords & Melodies
  • Drum Programming


  • Track Analysis
  • Synthesis & Sound Design
  • Modulation & FX (Pt2)
  • Editing Structure & Automation
  • What Makes A Great Track


  • Industry & Artist Direction

Learning Activities:

State of the art facility, Classroom will involve lectures, case studies, practical work using Ableton DAW, hands-on learning activities, presentations of creative work and revisions. Masterclass with industry KOL’s and Mentors. 

Learning Outcome

With our qualified music teachers and producers who are also artists in their own right you will learn insight-full tips and tricks into making polished finished tracks that will be release worthy. You will also have studio time in a full-fledged recording studio facility. Ready to enter the industry with the knowledge and tools needed to work as a freelancer.